Building Effective Intercultural Communication and Alliances between MU Extension, Latinx Residents,
and the Larger Community

Partnering to improve lives

Building bridges between MU Extension & the Latinx Community
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We are working to help people who want to build their capacity to serve Latinxs in their communities through professional development and information dissemination.


We are learning about new initiatives, organizations, and businesses that are focused on serving Latinxs and spreading the word about MU Extension programs to the Latinx community.

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We work with MU Extension Ambassadors and community members to build their capacity to support Latinxs in their communities by sharing resources and making connections.

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About Alianzas

a partnership between the UMKC Institute for Human Development and the University of Missouri Extension
Welcome! ¡Bienvenidos!

Alianzas is here to welcome Latinx to MU Extension in a special way. We’re strengthening our efforts to reach out to Latinx living in Missouri. Alianzas wants to make information accessible to you in the language you speak, whether English or Spanish. We also want you to know about specific MU Extension outreach to Latinx families, through 4H programs for Latinx children, binational health week efforts, English as a second language classes, and more.

Working in 8 regions to build partnerships with Latinx communities

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