We are learning about new initiatives, organizations, and businesses that are focused on serving Latinxs and spreading the word about MU Extension programs to the Latinx community.

We do this by:

Conducting outreach at events to promote MU extension community programs

Throughout the year, Alianzas is invited to participate and attend many community resource fairs and events.

Through these events, Alianzas acts as a bridge between the Latinx community, making them aware of the vast expanse of offerings the UM System provides, and building vital connections with the Latinx communities, business owners, and community leaders.

Fostering connections between the Latinx community and local leaders

Missouri Farm Bureau Insurance, a major supporter of MU Extension, reached out to Alianzas. With the assistance of the Cambio Center and Alianzas, MFBI launched their official website in Spanish and they have since hired four bilingual staff. Alianzas’s coordinator has been invited to offer professional development focusing on Latino values, cultural differences, and state demographics to more than 400 employees from their customer service and claims & underwriting team.

Farm Credit Services (FCS) continues partnering with Alianzas in their efforts to enhance the diversity of their internship program. In the first year of recruiting Latinx interns, FCS had a very successful experience with two Latino youth. Since then, FCS extended their program from six to eight weeks. Alianzas continues to be an instrument in marketing their efforts at statewide universities and colleges and within our own university system. Alianzas has also been holding conversations with MU Extension agricultural professionals as FCS expressed their desire to reach out to Latinx farmers within our state.

Participating in Binational Health week in the Northwest and Urban (KC) regions

Binational Heath Week is an annual event focused on providing healthcare screening opportunities and health education to the uninsured Latinx and other local minority communities.

Alianzas collaborates with a number of organizations each year to offer health screenings and services such as; blood pressure checks, height and weight, BMI, cholesterol testing, hearing, hemoglobin, blood glucose, dental, vision, glaucoma, mammogram examinations, nutrition, flu shots, pain and stress management, and referrals to various local family services.

Through these free health screenings, 15% of participants found out that their health conditions were very poor at the verge of acquiring diabetes, high cholesterol and other diseases. A bilingual local medical doctor was present to provide further examinations and guidance. 70% of participants stated that their main venue for health care services is community health clinics. These findings led to the conclusion that such clinics must have culturally and logistically competent services, if they are going to provide culturally sensitive healthcare to Latinx in Missouri.

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