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December 2014 Newsletter

 Alianzas December 2014 Newsletter

The Alianzas December 2014 Newsletter is now available to view and download. Learn about one MU Specialist's success in finding and addressing top challenges faced by Missouri Latino residents.


Archive: Binational Health Week Reports

Archives: Binational Health Week (BHW) reports

Latinos Get Their News in English: A Pew Research Study

 Why is this important? This study implies changing demographic trends in the Latino community. 

Éxito en el Norte: Success in the North for Latino Immigrants

A collaborative between Iowa State University Extension and other organizations developed "Éxito en el Norte", a program designed to assist Spanish-speaking U.S. residents. The educational video series hones in on seven key U.S. systems to equip residents with the knowledge and tools necessary to become engaged and self-sufficient members of their communities.

La Chalupa Farmers Market