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September 2014 Newsletter

 Alianzas September 2014 Newsletter

The Alianzas September 2014 Newsletter is now available to view and download. Learn 5 tips to connect with the Latino community from a veteran MU Specialist.


Archive: Binational Health Week Reports

Archives: Binational Health Week (BHW) reports

Latinos Get Their News in English: A Pew Research Study

 Why is this important? This study implies changing demographic trends in the Latino community. 

Éxito en el Norte: Success in the North for Latino Immigrants

A collaborative between Iowa State University Extension and other organizations developed "Éxito en el Norte", a program designed to assist Spanish-speaking U.S. residents. The educational video series hones in on seven key U.S. systems to equip residents with the knowledge and tools necessary to become engaged and self-sufficient members of their communities.

La Chalupa Farmers Market